Joining KTNV-TV to help launch “The Morning Blend” back on July 6th, 2010 has been an incredibly gratifying and rewarding experience, and despite my many pleas being denied to have the show renamed “The Midday Blend” or “The Afternoon Blend”… I decided to re-sign anyways.

I’ll be sticking around the “Blend” through at least 2015 alongside my co-host Dao Vu, producers Julie Pyle, Micah Manalo, Amir Ismail and Zach Fuentes, the best boss in the business Jim Koonce, and the man who could easily block my jump shot, station president Jim Prather.

There is seriously no better city in America to do a show like this in. There is always a constant flow of interesting characters to interview and incredibly hard-working charitable foundations and business owners to feature.

What’s more, the station has been incredibly supportive and appreciative of me and my work on-air, and that goes a long way. I can’t ask for a better bunch of people to work with, and I’m glad that they continue to tolerate my bad jokes!