Living in Las Vegas is pretty weird. I’ve had Donny Osmond fill in for me on days off, I’ve had Flava Flav serenade me at a restaurant (singing the R&B classic “One In A Million You” at Piero’s), and now I can say I am part of a Las Vegas production… sort of.

America’s Got Talent winner and all-around great guy Terry Fator has had an amazingly entertaining show at The Mirage for five years now. The show has been so successful, they named the theater after him (that’s right, Boyz II Men, all the huge comedians that play the room – they play his theater). Well as part of his fifth anniversary show re-write, he is now featuring specially filmed segments featuring myself and Dao Vu on The Morning Blend set as segues throughout the storyline.

I saw the show for myself tonight during media night, and it is absolutely hilarious. If you are in Las Vegas, you’ve got to see it for yourself. What is incredible to me is at any given time, while I am at home stuffing my face, there is a massive theater seeing my bad acting. Again, living in Vegas is weird. But I am incredibly thankful. Special thanks to Terry, his lovely wife Taylor Makakoa, and Alissa Kelly of PR Plus for letting us be a part of their show. I will never stop bragging about this. Ever.