Alright! Two big life announcements to make… one involves a two-year contract, and one will last a lifetime.

Firstly, for those who don’t know my career path, I have been with Mix 94.1 for a combined 6 years. I have made some great friends here, and had some great success with CBS Radio Las Vegas. I love this city, love my co-workers and love this brand.

Recently I was approached by a competing station here in Vegas to take over a high-profile daypart, for a great salary, yada yada. It is incredibly humbling and exciting to be “headhunted” and I weighed out my options. However after some thinking, I decided that Mix 94.1 is my home.

A special thanks to Program Director Charese Fruge and CBS Radio Las Vegas General Manager Jerry McKenna for working with me to create a new contract that will keep me with Mix through mid-2016. The opportunities they have afforded me have enabled me to build a great life for myself and my hard-working girlfriend…

Which segues perfectly into the other news!

After dating for nearly four years, I have finally gotten off my butt and put a ring on my best friend, Marsha MacEachern. We met way back in 1999… while I was on-air for “Kids Talk Sports” on New England Cable News, she was an intern on the show (or as I lovingly put it, she was my intern). Had a crush on her from the beginning, but alas we remained friends for many years. Then, after years of patiently waiting, I fooled her wooed her… and here we are!

We plan to tie the knot in October at a ceremony just outside of Las Vegas.

Seriously, I couldn’t be any more happy with how things are going for me both personally and professionally right now. Here’s to the next two years, and many more that follow!