First, a little “inside baseball”. Satellite interviews are total hit-and-miss. While you are only interviewing the guest once, they are reliving that same interview over, and over, and over, and over again. It’s hell on earth. Which is why I try to shake things up and try to ask a question that’ll actually catch them off-guard and get them thinking, even laughing sometimes.

This… this was in a league of it’s own.

The stars of ABC’s “Black-ish”, Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross, were doing a satellite media tour to get the word out on the season and what transpired was quite possibly the most insane and hilarious interview I’ve had in years.

About 30 seconds in, I realized “this is going to be off the rails”. At that point, it’s either try and fail to right the ship, or go down in a swinging hilarity. From innuendo about “manhood”, to “Anchorman” impressions, to both stars forgetting who their special guest was and questioning my even being there. Amazing.

This is my finest work. I want this played at my funeral.