Working at KTNV-TV has been a great experience, watching not only my show “The Morning Blend” take shape over the years, but also seeing other locally produced programs come out of the station. Director of Local Programming and “The Morning Blend” executive producer¬†Julie Pyle was the brain-child for “Valley View Live”, a local take on ABC’s hit “The View”.

Firstly, the name is awesome. We live in the Valley. The station is on Valley View Boulevard. “The View” is on our station. It is live. Perfection.

Regardless, since launching on the station last year I’ve wanted a shot at guest hosting with the ladies, and today I got my chance, sitting in with Rikki Cheese, Megan Telles, and “Mr. Lucky” Brian Thomas from O’Shea’s At The Linq! Even got a chance to talk with the incomparable Barry Manilow on the heels of his return to Las Vegas for what could be his final major tour!

Take a look at some highlights!