Honest to God… You will be hard pressed to find a radio cluster, in any market, that does more NTR (non-traditional revenue) events like CBS Radio Las Vegas. It is truly remarkable/ridiculous. For example, it is September, and our Event Producer has yet to take a day off this year. Yeah. That busy.

Of all the events, none are as big as “Bite Of Las Vegas”, the Mix 94.1 mainstay that has been rocking Sin City (and filling their stomachs) for almost two decades. September 12th marked Bite #19, and somehow, someway, it gets better every year, despite the cards being stacked against us.

Rock In Rio. iHeart Radio Music Festival. Life Is Beautiful. Three MASSIVE music festivals within months, if not weeks from our concert, makes booking the show a huge challenge. Not to mention a set date for the show, where we had artists lined up, had to be moved after Life Is Beautiful announced their dates. It’s like a fighter jet getting re-fueled in mid-air. Picking a date, getting bands that are in town and aren’t bound to non-competes. Torture.

This year, somehow, some way, yielded an awesome line-up. American Idol winner Nick Fradiani, Matt Nathanson, new-comers NeedToBreathe, great guy and Dancing With The Stars competitor Andy Grammer, Mix mainstay Lifehouse, and the legendary Third Eye Blind. While the weather certainly did us no favors (104 degrees, last 100+ day of the year, our luck), the crowd turned out in droves.

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The beauty of the event is it is a food and music festival that doesn’t cost a fortune to go to. Tickets are kept sub-$20 for general admission, and the several dozen food vendors that bring out their best bites are limited to a $5 maximum price. Approachable for most anyone, and almost a certainty that you will gain about 3 pounds on the day.

Normally tasked with the social media duties for the show, this year the web department (headed by Mike Doria) took up the challenge.

All told, massive success. Huge props have to go to my Program Director Jonathan “J Love” Campbell, night girl Jade for assisting with talent management, Kyle Helmick, Katrina Llapitan, Holmes Pooser, and the rest of the promotions department, as well as sales, and everyone else involved. By the end of the night, the field, with it’s brand new layout, was filled to the brim. It was so nice, that after years of not posting a single picture to my Instagram account (and somehow having over 700 followers)… I was driven to break my dry spell.

Incredible. Love this station. Love this city.