Make It Two More Years With “The Morning Blend”

////Make It Two More Years With “The Morning Blend”

Along with my co-host Dao Vu and Producers Julie Pyle and Micah Manalo, we’ve were able to launch KTNV-TV’s “The Morning Blend” in June of 2010. And within a year make it the most successful sales-integration show for Journal Broadcast Group. Now, I’m glad to announce I’ll be sticking around for a bit!

Las Vegas’ ABC affiliate has re-signed me to a new contract for an additional two years to co-host the “Blend”.

I am very happy I get to continue to host the show, which has been making great headway with morning viewers. More and more often, I bump into viewers of the show who have made us part of their morning routine, which is incredibly humbling.

The “Blend” staff is a small, hard-working bunch and I am amazed at what we are able to pull off every day, considering the limited staff. Everyone from the studio crew to the interns work their butt off every morning…glad I can continue to be a part of it.

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Shawn Tempesta is the co-host of "The Morning Blend" on KTNV-TV Las Vegas, as well as the host of Las Vegas' top-rated radio show, afternoons on Mix 94.1 in Las Vegas.