Slightly more prepared this time.

When Colin Eric Tempesta entered the world, my wife and I didn’t have a lot of real-world experience in diaper changing, baby-proofing, and we weren’t prepared for the emergency c-section that would be required to have him. (I say we as if I was anywhere near the business end of the doctor’s instruments).

This time? Walk in the park in comparison! No emergencies, no question marks. Just a scheduled c-section (“just” he says) that passed with flying colors!

This morning, we welcomed to the world the healthy and adorable Mario Domenic Tempesta! A svelte 6lbs 4oz, absolutely adorable, and already incredibly loved by the whole family, including his brother who let out a high-pitched squeal that he’s never done before upon first meeting him. So cool!

Am I the best parent in the world? No. But I’d like to be for these two.

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