That is the best way to describe that I am a father now… it’s a mindblower.

It’s a story that goes back to June 29th, 2014. My wife was my girlfriend. I hadn’t popped the question to her yet, despite planning a wedding that was taking place in mere months… but today was to be the day. I had the ring. I had the plan. I had where I was going to do it.

And it all changed in an instant.

Blurry eyed and confused, I wake up to a stick in front of my face. Two lines. Marsha and I were going to be parents. Plans be damned, I popped the question right there in my underwear.

It was an amazing and frightening feeling. Then, it wasn’t. We, like so many before us, suffered a miscarriage. Three out of ten pregnancies end in one, but of course you don’t know that because no one likes to talk about it. It happened early on, but it didn’t make it any easier.

My wife was made to be a mother. Incredibly caring, hard-working, and a great person. I… well, I am learning now that I will make a pretty great father, but I’ve been nervous to be honest.

We went head-first into trying to get pregnant again to no avail. Then came professional help. Strike one. Strike two. The next round was to cost $12,000, and as our past rounds taught us it was certainly not a slam dunk. We decided to take a break from shots, surgeries and the like…

…then: home run. We were pregnant. Paranoid, but pregnant. Is this the real thing? Are there sprouts in this salad? Does that road have too many potholes?

Alas, after 9 months and three days of waiting, we got to meet the little man we waited so long for.

Colin Eric Tempesta. 6lbs. 9oz. Born at 2:57am on November 23rd, 2016. His weight is in the 14th percentile. His head size is in the 85th. He’s my kid, and we love him.

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