Got “MD” In My Title; Didn’t Become A Doctor

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I am coming up on my fifth year at CBS Radio Las Vegas (this time around) and last year was starting to get a little antsy. The show’s ratings are going great, the station is firing on all cylinders, but I wanted something else to challenge me.

So, I sat down with Mix 94.1 APD/MD and X107.5 APD Jonathan “J Love” Campbell and told him I wanted to take over scheduling for our HD2 channel, Rewind 94.1. Late 80’s, 90’s, early 2000’s…the Zach Morris years. He told me the station needed a lot of work… so I took a look.

He wasn’t kidding. Way too many 80’s songs, many of the 90’s songs we had in the system weren’t even in Rewind’s selector. A great injustice! Sure, I don’t have an HD radio, and sure the station isn’t streaming yet. But this station I cannot hear must sound better for those who can hear it!

Several hundred songs added (and a few dozen songs deleted) later, and now Rewind 94.1 is firing on all cylinders! And now, I am proud to announce that they’ve finally given me my wings. I am now Music Director of Rewind 94.1 HD2, alongside Heather Collins, Mix 94.1 middays, who is Music Director of Sin 107.5 HD2. The staff email from CBS Radio Las Vegas VP Charese Fruge is below…

“Please join me in congratulating Shawn Tempesta on his official appointment of Music Director for “REWIND,” Mix 94.1’s HD-2 Channel. In addition to afternoons on KMXB (and mornings on Ch. 13), Shawn has been working very close with J to rebuild clocks and freshen up the library. The station sounds awesome and it’s really fun to listen to. We take pride in helping people to develop their passions in this cluster and Shawn is a great example of a quick and dedicated learner. J and I are proud to give him this title and honor.”

I would like to thank the Academy…

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Shawn Tempesta is the co-host of "The Morning Blend" on KTNV-TV Las Vegas, as well as the host of Las Vegas' top-rated radio show, afternoons on Mix 94.1 in Las Vegas.